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Home Service Direct Builds New Tree Service Website in Less Than a Week

by | May 5, 2022 | Tree Services

When we contacted Home Service Direct looking for a new tree service website, the goal was to get the website as soon as possible. Home Service Direct did not disappoint us. Less than 5 days later, Home Service Direct has delivered a full-featured and easy-to-use website.

Some of the features that will help us bring in more customers include:

The Website is Online Booking Ready

From today, no homeowner will have to visit our offices to request tree service procedures. With access to an internet connection, any homeowner can book a tree service procedure while relaxing at home.

With the process of ordering tree service procedures taking less than 30 seconds on the website, homeowners no longer have to waste full days visiting our offices. We hope that this will increase the number of customers who book our services in the long run.

The Website Loads Fast

Fully loading in less than 2 seconds, the new website is just perfect in an era where everyone is busy with numerous tasks every day. What’s more, we knew that a slow-loading website could have made new potential customers bounce from the website. The fast loading speed will help us book more jobs.

The Website is Optimized for Google

Instead of just relying on other modes of advertisement to get new customers, Home Service Direct has helped us leverage Search Engines to get more leads. Now that our new website is showing up on the first page of the Google results page, the number of tree service leads is about to increase significantly.

The Website has Security Protocols in Place

One of our major goals has always been to ensure the data provided by potential customers remains safe from hackers. Home Service Direct has helped us deliver on this promise. The company’s web development team has added a security protocol to the website. When customers enter their data on the website, it will be encrypted to keep it safe from hackers.

The Website Boasts Responsive Design

Instead of creating a separate website for mobile and a separate site for desktop computers, Home Service Direct just created one website that works for both devices. The website adapts depending on screen size. Irrespective of whether someone is loading the website on a 20-inch computer or a 6-inch mobile phone, the website always displays the vital features perfectly.

Ease of Use

The new website is extremely easy to navigate. Each major feature is strategically placed to ensure website visitors can find it easily.

The service booking form is extremely easy to use. Instead of forcing website visitors to manually fill in everything, the form has drop-down lists that allow visitors to select pre-typed responses.

Although the new website was constructed in a hurry, Home Service Direct took advantage of its team of experts to implement all the right features. The website is ready for use by homeowners who wish to order tree service procedures without leaving their homes. Now, with our tree service procedures just a click away, we hope to hear from more homeowners.

To enjoy the best local marketing for tree service company and tree removal leads, you can reach out to Home Service Direct via [email protected] and (833) 827-4425. To improve your trees today, you can book tree services on our new website Treeservicesacramento.com.

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